Using the Quality Framework
Using the Quality Framework


There is a simple six-step process for using the framework effectively.

Step 1:Benchmark

Visit the Quality Framework website, view and download the quality indicator statements and benchmark your own existing or planned provision against the range of indicator statements  across any or all four identified areas.

There is also an additional set of overarching indicators intended for the overall college or departmental managers.

Step 2:Insight

Gathers all relevant insight about your own students and community and use this to make an informed judgement about what is needed. This should ideally be collaborative with your County FA and CSP who can add value to this process with the local intelligence and expertise that they have of the community and area.

Step 3:Action Plan

Action plan what you have decided should be developed through your own action planning processes. Everyone does this differently so please use your own formats for this. Again this is encouraged to be collaborative, work with your County FA and CSP where possible to do this together.

Step 4:Quality Assure (Internal)

As you develop quality elements, you should really be internally verifying the quality of your own provision. This can be done as part of your own established college or departmental quality systems and underpin the self assessment review process and inform continuous improvement plan.

We will also select up to 25 colleges per year to directly fund and invite to one of the our ECFA Quality Framework Internal Verification training days which will enable at least 25 staff each year to be trained by ECFA and The FA on how to quality assure their own provision in relation to football and provide each college with annual funding to support programmes.

Step 5:Quality Assure (External)

From the 25 staff selected each year, we will also invite applications from college managers to be trained as External Verifiers and these staff will visit other colleges to support with an external review process.

Colleges will be able to apply to receive one of these external review visits for our trained EV’s (fee paybale).

Step 6: Accredit

Final step from this internal and external review process is to apply, if so desired, for accreditation from ECFA and The FA for outstanding football development provision. This accreditation will be quality assured annually.