How it works
How it works

Any college will be able to view the new framework free of charge and use it to inform their planning. It will be positioned online via this FDQF website rather than in print so that it can continually evolve and be with updated new fresh material.

1. Quality Indicators

This can be used for benchmarking your provision against four identified areas of provision- namely Coaching, Participation, Player Development and Leadership & Volunteering. An overarching set of indicators for leadership and management have also been provided. Each set of indicators provide statements of quality aligned with statements from the Ofsted framework.

2. Guidance

We will provide ongoing updates and resources to support staff with using the quality indicator statement. Such as what insight actually means and some of the ways you can use this process effectively.

3. Case Studies

We provide a range of case studies from colleges across the four areas of provision so you can see what others do and even get in touch with them to find out more or arrange a visit.

4. Training

We will provide annual training and workshops to colleges to help staff use the framework effectively. In particular we will select up to 25 staff per year to receive training as ECFA/FA Internal Verifiers on how to quality assure their own provision in relation to football

5. Funding

We will also provide up to 25 of the colleges chosen to receive IV training with annual funding to support the development of programmes.