Stages of Development
Stages of Development

Stage 1 ‘Developmental’:

At this stage the college is actively casting around for and trying out ideas, building a culture of experimentation, self-reliance and learning. There is an approach to get the right sustainable infrastructure and systems in place first that will allow continuous improvement over the long-term. There is a commitment towards delivering with quality and innovating around existing provision whilst establishing a staff team that has the capability and resource to deliver against plans. Closer engagement is being developed with students to achieve better student needs-based outcomes.

Stage2 ‘Developmental and Embedded’:

By this stage the college is using its learning from previous development activity to create its own sustainable best-fit strategy. Through higher quality teaching, delivery, support, engagement with students, assessment and continuous improvement plans, higher quality outcomes for students are being achieved. The college is bringing its own philosophy to life in the programme it delivers with a great focus on professional development from a team approach, not just reliant on a few staff members, students or champions.

Stage 3: Embedded and Outstanding:

The college is securely and sustainably delivering high quality provision, featuring outstanding teaching and learning and outstanding student-led outcomes. There will be evidence of high levels of student engagement and care, skilful quality-assured delivery, breakthrough innovative improvements within a structured improvement plan and all of the colleges’ people, staff and students, take full ownership for expanding their capacities to deliver higher quality as part of a deeply embedded culture of excellence. There will be a high level of engagement with other colleges and partners to add value to provision and create wider cultures of learning.