Quality Indicators
Quality Indicators


The new football development quality indicators for FE Colleges in England were announced in November 2013. The quality indicators (QIs) were developed by the ECFA in conjunction with colleagues from The FA, AoC Sport, and heads of sport from a network high performing colleges. 

This suite of indicators represents one of the most important developments for the development of football in colleges in the past decade.

What you will read is up to 100 Evidenced based indicators across five areas that support the quality, consistency, reliability and sustainability of provision. These are mainly relatively broad, general statements that focus on quality improvement rather than just measures of performance. 

There are both process and outcome based indicators. They are not prescriptive and the methods in which (i.e. the ‘How’) a college might evidence these statements is down to your own creativity, capability, resources at your disposal and many other factors.

They are intended to:

• Guide staff designing new programmes or reviewing existing provision.
• Be used to support benchmarking of what you currently do with quality and what you could potentially do to enhance further.
• Act as a common reference point for understanding the stage of development that the college programme might be at, and what might be needed to improve further.
• Provide a common structure and terminology for documenting evidence within self assessment reviews.